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How to Have the Best S e x of Your Life - 5 Priceless Tips


There are many ways to have good sex, but to have the best sex of your life requires something extra special, something extra rare. Find out these 5 priceless tips to achieving the sex you've always wanted...

Sex Tip 1 - You need to be very KNOWLEDGEABLE about how to have sex. This includes knowing dozens of techniques and tricks. Learn them...

Sex Tip 2 - You need to practice and be skilled at those techniques and tricks. This requires SOME experience, although you won't need as much experience as you might think. A prime example is being able to control when you orgasm, which takes a bit of practice but can be mastered with the right know-how.

Sex Tip 3 - You need to be sexually confident and BODY confident. Any nervousness about having sex will detract from the enjoyment of sex for both you and your partner. Being body confident just means being as happy as possible with the way your body looks. If you could do with dropping a few pounds then do what you have to do to be body confident.

Sex Tip 4 - You need to understand the two core concepts about sex. These include building up SEXUAL TENSION, and BEING UNPREDICTABLE. Both are vital in having not just good sex, but amazing earth shattering sex for both of you...

Sex Tip 5 - You need to be with someone you are highly attracted to. This person should be your dream sexual partner, not just someone you fancy a bit. Find that someone...

Home Antibacterial Remedies For Your Vagina

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Home antibacterial remedies for your vagina are not only cheap, but they're also safer and more effective compared to over-the-counter medications.

Women these days turn to over-the-counter medications for treatment of vaginal infections. However, these commercially-prepared drugs often have nasty side effects. For that reason, home antibacterial remedies for your vagina are becoming a well-liked choice among the female population.

Natural Yogurt

The live acidophilus bacteria present in natural yogurt facilitate in the destruction of yeast. You may either apply it topically or insert a yogurt-drenched tampon into the vagina. Douching with water and yogurt is also an effective solution.


This is one of the simplest home antibacterial remedies for your vagina. You can actually trim down your chances of developing a vaginal infection just by gulping at least two glasses of buttermilk daily.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Routinely daubing the vagina with apple cider vinegar aids in preventing infections. However, you need to dilute the vinegar first. Throwing in a few cloves of garlic into the homemade preparation will also help get rid of the scratchy feeling.

Gentian Violet

The symptoms of vaginal infection can be removed by applying this antibacterial dye on the vaginal area and the cervix. Since it could stain, wearing a sanitary pad will protect your undergarments from discoloration.


Garlic is one of the best home antibacterial remedies for your vagina. Its antibacterial properties are quite potent against vaginal infections. Simply insert a homemade suppository - made by wrapping up peeled cloves of garlic in a sterile gauze pad - into the vagina and leave it inside for about 12 to 24 hours.

Abnormal Or Excessive Vaginal Bleeding – Myths And Facts

Excessive vaginal discharge in addition to your regular menstrual cycle could be quite troublesome if proper care is not being taken by you. This bleeding occurs from the vagina during menstrual periods but is heavier than normal discharge.

Abnormal bleeding of the vagina is caused due to factors such as intake of contraceptive pills causing bleeding during normal periods, hormonal problems produced by thyroid, pituitary glands, and ovaries. Other sexually transmitted diseases are caused by infections of the vagina, uterus, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes. A miscarriage is caused by a heavy period after one missed period of a woman.

If you face heavy bleeding in between your normal periods that do not last for a long time then it is not necessarily that you have some critical disease. This might be caused due to scars, tumors or growth of abnormal tissue on the cervix but regular prolonged heavy vaginal bleeding needs attention. You should get proper check up because sometimes it might be due to growths in the uterine lining which may or may not be cancer.

Sometimes such bleeding is caused by injury to the vagina or reproductive tract during surgery or rape or when the tampon is stuck in the vagina. Bleeding disorders that affect the whole body such as leukemia can also cause abnormal vagina bleeding. If fever, abdominal pain, mucus substances along with vaginal bleeding persists then it could be an infection.

Vaginal discharge usually results from abnormal passages between organs due to injuries caused during childbirth, accidents or surgery. Vaginal discharge usually occurs because of infection causing itching, burning and painful urination. It is not necessarily that all infections are sexually transmitted diseases and might be due to other causes like inflammation of the vagina due to hole in the vagina, pelvic inflammatory diseases, genital herpes, uterus infection and lack of the hormone estrogen.

What Women Are Doing To Enlarge Breasts?


Do you know what women are using to enlarge breasts? There are lots of methods which are being used world wide. If you want are finding a breast enhancement method then it will be interesting to know about all the methods.

Everybody thinks that breast augmentation surgery is most commonly used methods. But nowadays natural breast enhancement pills are getting popular every day. People prefer natural methods due to many reasons. Surgery is very expensive. Breast augmentation surgery can cost from $5000 to $8000. Because of this reason not everyone can afford the surgery. In addition to this there are many side effects of the surgery.

To understand the side effects of the surgery you should know the procedure of the operation. The procedure is very simple. There are different types of incisions which are made by the surgeon. The incisions are made according to the age of the patient. After making the incisions the surgeon creates the pocket in the breast tissue. Surgeon places the implant in the pocket. There are many types of implant available in the market. The implant is selected according to the desire and needs of the women.

There are many reasons for the side effects can be different. Sometimes side effects can be due to improper surgical skills. Sometimes the implant leaks. If implant leakage is seen then the surgeon should perform the surgery again.

Have you ever heard about natural supplements which can help you in breast enlargement process? How natural breast enhancement pills work? This is most common question asked by the women. The function of the pills is very simple. They do not cause any adverse effects. Natural pills never disturb normal physiological process. They only contain natural herbs and extracts. The main components of the pills are Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam, Damiana, Fenugreek, Don Quai, Fennel, Blessed Thistle, L-tyrosine, Kelp, Humulus Lupulus and Avena sativus. Natural herbs stimulate the secretion of the hormones which are responsible for the breast growth. The main function of the herbs is hormone balancing.

There are lots of pills available in the market. But your task is to choose the best one. Nowadays many people are talking about latest breast enhancement formula known as SuperBust. SuperBust contains all the above stated natural herbs. Many women have reported results in couple of months after using this product.

You should always go through the guarantee of the product you are buying. Many good companies like SuperBust offer a lifetime money back guarantee. Money back guarantee means that if you are not satisfied with the product then your money will be refunded to you without any question. But money back guarantee is only available if you order two or more than two bottles.

Breast Enhancement and Enlargement Exercise


If you want breast enhancement and enlargement, then I'll show you a simple exercise that does just that.... naturally.

Look, I know you probably don't believe me and are quite sceptical. That's fine. Just hear me out and read this short article. If you seriously want to increase your breast size naturally, I'll show you how you can do it in just a few minutes a day and for free.

Listen, first off, I'm not some breast enhancement expert... is anyone really? I'm a weight loss expert, however I thought this information may be useful to you and others and I wanted to get it out to you because I've heard so many bad stories from women who got breast implants.

So let's get to it. Here's a simple exercise you can do that may help you to get bigger boobs naturally. At best, you get bigger boobs. At worse, you waste a few minutes each day for 3 weeks.

This is what you do...

Rub your hands together for 15 or so seconds... this is to generate kinetic energy.

Next, take both of your hands and put them on the upper inner part of your breasts. Now rub downward between your nipples, then under them, and then upwards on the outside of them.

Keep rubbing circles in this manner. Your goal is to rub 200-300 circles at about 1 circle per second. So this will take you 3-5 minutes. You're done.

If you're really motivated, rub 300 circles once in the morning and once in the evening. Whatever you do, do this for at least 3 weeks to see results.

Can I guarantee you'll get bigger boobs? No. All I can do is present the information. Take it for what it's worth.

The logic behind it is that the rubbing in circles increases the blood flow to your breasts which helps to nourish more breast tissue. Try it out. Five minutes a day is nothing if it solves this problem once and for all.

Top 10 Ways to Satisfy Her


1. Make it Sexy

Satisfy her psychologically by boosting her confidence and making her feel sexy. Keep your relationship fresh by flirting. She likes to feel sexy. She wants to be desired and chased. Give a sly smile and wink. Show her that she still does it for you. Whisper in her ear the ways she turns you on. Build her sexiness confidence, then suggest some actions that you find especially sexy...

2. Touch Her

Satisfy her skin with affectionate touch and sensual caressing. Whether it's part of foreplay or simply a little PDA, she enjoys feeling your touch. Men are generally less touchy feeling than ladies. Indulge her need for touch with hugs, snuggles, kisses, hand holding, caressing etc.

3. Write a Love Note

Satisfy her questioning mind. Let her know the reasons you love her. Tell her what you admire about her and all the reasons you fell for her. This is a sentimental gift that she can read over and over again. Try making a top 10, 50 or even 100 reasons list. It can be juicy and romantic, or light hearted and fun. Affirm her best qualities and share your heartfelt feelings. Let her know why she is the perfect match for you. She's sure to melt at this lasting romantic gesture.

4. Compliment Her

Satisfy her by increasing her physical confidence. In a day and age where sex sells, we are bombarded by amazing looking women on TV, in magazines, and on the internet. With such amazing competition, women can feel slightly inadequate. Let her know the things you love about her. Be sincere, she knows she is not perfect, but she wants to know that you are attracted to her.

5. Flowers, Chocolates, and Teddy Bear

Satisfy her emotionally with romantic gestures. The traditional flowers, chocolates and teddy bears will make her feel special, and soften her up. If you want to do something less predictable, get creative or put your own spin on some of these romantic gestures. A good rule of thumb is- the more you give, the more you get...

6. Massage

Satisfy her tense and tight muscles. Start with her feet and work your way up, or with her scalp and ease your way down. Your touch will not simply relax her. Touch is stimulating and energizing. Many massages have turned in to foreplay and stimulated some steamy lovin. Which just goes to show that one good deed, deserves another.

7. Jewelry

Satisfy her material desires. The old saying goes "diamonds, that'll shut her up". It doesn't have to be diamonds thought. Ladies love jewelry. One piece of jewelry is almost always the solution for any relationship problem. A piece of jewelry is worth a thousand words; I'm sorry, I love you, I screwed up, Let's work it out, Just because...

8. Spice It Up

Satisfy her senses. Add some variety to your intimate times together. Share your fantasies (or part of them) with each other and make them come true. If she is comfortable add some adult accessories to your love making. Experiment and share. Find out what really satisfies her...

9. Help Her with Housework

Satisfy her needs so she has energy to satisfy yours. As the popular book title goes "Sex starts in the Kitchen". Many women think it is hot when a man cooks or cleans. It shows a sensitive side, that you are in tune with practical matters, and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get to dessert...

10. Take Your Time

Satisfy her slowly and sensually. Although men are ready anytime, anyplace, most women are not ready at the drop of a dime. We've all heard men are like microwaves, women are like slow cookers. Slow things down and increase your foreplay. Play sensual games or experiment with sensual oils. Make your loving last longer.

How Do You Talk Dirty To Your Boyfriend?

Having great sex is about one thing - knowledge. If you know what to do and when to do it then you don't need to be greatly experienced to be amazing in bed. Read this article to learn what it takes to have the best sex of your life...

The knowledge you need to know about sex is all about sexual technique. You've got to have all the moves, from subtle foreplay to sex positions. Read up on these because it is the unpredictable use of these techniques that makes sex exciting, and ultimately more enjoyable.

I recommend that you spend at least 15 minutes on foreplay before having sex. The build up of arousal is needed for sex to be most pleasurable. Most people fail at this first hurdle and jump into the sex part too soon! Don't make this mistake.

Explore each others bodies fully before going straight for the most erogenous zones. Really work it up to the point where you both cannot resist sex any longer. Massaging, kissing and licking should be done around the neck, shoulders, breasts, back, stomach and thighs.